Ed Oliver's bond with Houston is stronger than ever

HOUSTON -- Hurricane Harvey sent the University of Houston's football team rushing off to Austin for sanctuary under the same roof as the coach who left the program just 10 months earlier. It could have been -- and maybe even should have been -- an uncomfortable reunion with Tom Herman, the ex who spurned the Cougars for the state's flagship program after two seasons, 22 wins and many promises he wouldn't leave. That potential for discomfort wasn't lost on those who coordinated their plans to seek shelter from the storm, choosing the University of Texas from among at least four other in-state options. "That was a little bit in the back of my mind," Houston athletic director Hunter Yurachek said. "There were some hurt feelings when Tom left. But I think everyone handled it very well." At least in their public comments, players and representatives of Houston have attempted to avoid lamenting the loss of Herman since his departure. But one of the few......

25 Published By - ABC News: Sports - 2017.09.14. 08:15
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